Kiev Radio (album)

01. Intro (Phlegmatic)

02. Drought (Sanguine)

03. Overtures (Melancholic)

04. Arbitrage (Choleric)

05. No One's Looking Out For You (Choleric)

06. Nerdtech (Sanguine)

07. His Feet (Sanguine)

08. Interlude (Choleric)

09. Challenger (Choleric)

10. Who Are You (Sanguine / Phlegmatic)

11. Self Portrait (Melancholic)

12. St (Phlegmatic)

13. Brandnews (Melancholic)

14. Unusual Journey (Melancholic)

15. Windowpane (Melancholic)

Released Nov 12th 2009

Recorded in San Francisco CA, El Paso TX.  

Arranged and mixed in various airplanes, airports,

and shuttle buses in the US.

Cover art by Stephen Tures.

Arrangements inspired by The Four Temperaments

(Sanguine, Melancholic, Choleric, and Phlegmatic)