01. Lunar

02. Sunspot

03. Lots and Lots

04. Memorial

05. Landfall

06. Sutro

07. Border Crossing

Released 17 Sept 2013

Recorded in San Francisco CA, El Paso TX.

Arranged and mixed at home, in the

back of shuttle buses,

outside hospital rooms;

and whenever time permitted.

Cover art by Zach Venice.

Listen to a sampler over at Soundcloud!

'Lots and Lots' composed for my daughter Anya.

'Memorial' composed for those remembered at the AIDS Memorial Garden, Golden Gate Park, SF CA

'Landfall' dedicated to the memory of those lost as a result of Hurricane Katrina and to those who did everything

possible to save others. Spoken word reading of NWS pre-Katrina weather warning bulletin by Stephen Tures.

'Sutro' dedicated to my eponymously named cat.