Kyiv Radio is the El Paso TX based electronic music project by Stephen Tures. Stephen Tures is an El Paso, TX native who lived for 13 years in San Francisco and later returned to El Paso to raise a family. He earned an audio engineering certification from The Recording Workshop in Ohio, and later earned a BA in Media Studies at the University of San Francisco. More info at

Kyiv Radio released his debut album 'Kyiv Radio' on 19 Nov 19th 2009 after more than 10 years of writing and recording. Kyiv Radio's music is held together in the middle by electronic music, with rock, classical / orchestral, post-rock, and industrial influences. To help sort out these influences, each song has been additionally assigned one of the Four Temperaments.

Kyiv Radio's second album 'Bias' was released on Sept 17th 2013, and features a deeper trip into electronic melody, ambience, noise, piano and moody contemplation.

Kyiv Radio's third album 'Light Switch Dance Party' was released on Sept 15 2017. The album has a strong piano melody foundation layered against resonant ambient tracks and uptempo rhythms. The album's final track, 'Sage', layers dub and dance rhythms against some of the most relevant spoken word of our time.

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